October 26, 2016
BNN: Don joined Catherine Murray as co-host


BNN has posted this as 7 segments for viewing:

Coxe: Can sum up the markets as dull and boring

Don discusses why he has never seen such little return for investors and why we shouldn’t get too enthusiastic, otherwise we will set ourselves up for disappointment.
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Gold’s a conservative investment more now than in the past: Coxe

Don weighs in on the commodity market and why the “shrillness” has been taken out of gold.
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U.S. election obscenity on a grand scale: Coxe
Don weighs in on the U.S. election and why it’s a shame for U.S. democracy with a “buffoon” leading the Republican party.
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If there’s nothing big in markets, go with the strongest currency: Coxe
Don discusses why investing in the strongest currency is the best thing to do when nothing big is happening in markets.
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CETA just the start of a Eurozone crisis: Coxe
Don discusses why Wallonia’s objection to CETA is just the first step in slowing down the momentum of free trade in the world.
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Why we’re in the early stages of a precious metals boom
Find out why leading commodities strategist Don Coxe says the precious metals boom is set to continue, and what interest rates have to do with it. He’ll also talk about why he sees risk of a global recession somewhere in the next two years, and what China’s role will be in all of this.
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Reasons to be pessimistic on stocks as an investment
Why being pessimistic on stocks may be the correct strategy, but it may not be for the reasons you think.
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