May 2016: Truth Is The Daughter Of Time

Download: Coxe Strategy Journal: May 2016

When we embarked on publishing The Coxe Strategy Journal, a core thesis of our work was that geopolitics was becoming a major investment theme in which truth would emerge over months and years.
In this issue before we take a break from publishing for summer, we cover many of those themes as they evolve.  We hope we have given you lots to think in about your investment planning.

  1. The Background and Likely Outcome to the Latest Arab Oil Shock.
  2. Geopolitics and Syria
  3. Gold
  4. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: the consequences of negative interest rates for pension funds, insurers, charities and savers, and bond investments.
  5. A New Commodity Bull Market?
  6. The US Elections:  Clinton, Trump and Sanders:  what does the US election mean for investors and for world peace.