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June 2014: Update to May 2014 Investment Recommendations

Issued: June 21, 2014

Since we published, the global geopolitical situation has deteriorated in frightening fashion. We believe the complacency in the stock markets—as evidenced by a new alltime low reading for the VIX Index—is not only unwarranted: it is bizarre.

We are therefore recommending revisions to the current asset mix shown in the May 2014 issue of the Coxe Strategy Journal.

  • Revision to our Asset Allocations
  • Investment Recommendations
  • Background: Geopolitical Developments
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May 2014: The Emerging Authoritarian Age

We have become more concerned about the investment outlook and are recommending trimming equity exposure. Our reasoning is based, not primarily on the insipid performance of the S&P this year despite a modestly improving US economy, and the continuing flow of borrowing to buttress stocks, but on (1) the recent weakness in relative strength of […]

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