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The Rule of Page Sixteen

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that is the efficient market. 

Invest on the basis of a story on Page Sixteen—

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Jan. 22, 2014

Our Strategy Service Launch

A year ago, Coxe Advisors stopped publishing Basic Points.  

What some people may have regarded as an ending — the conclusion of our 20 year relationship with BMO Financial Group for publishing a strategy journal — we saw as an opportunity to redefine ourselves.

It was never a question of stopping, but how now?   

Don Coxe is a strategist—to the core.

He has 40 years in the investment business, but in that time, has held many different jobs and served many different clients.  His diversity of experience is a reflection of the man, and speaks of a ceaseless quest for discovery:  his vision takes shape as strategy.  

But Don is also a writer.  When he is asked, “How can you do that?  Write so effectively, so fast?”  He answers, “Years ago, Bill Buckley told me, it only becomes easy after you have written the first million words.”  It gets easier to write, and it gets harder to stop.  We also realized that the act of writing was integral to the formulation of his thoughts—essential to the strategy.

In the past year, we have considered new partnerships and new enterprises, and we have consulted fans of Don’s work—clients of every stripe—to think carefully about what brought us the greatest satisfaction, whom did we want to work with, where was the highest and best use of our work? 

And while we answered those questions, we continued the weekly conference calls, to stay in touch with you, his followers.

A lot of cigar walks and talks later:  we decided we would focus on strategy for institutional investors—those who have to direct large pools of capital, for considerable investment horizons, and thereby, serve the needs of many people.  

The forces of central bank-created liquidity will reshape the investment environment for a decade to come.  The ascendancy of the New World order and the rising fortunes of the growing middle class of the world are accelerating at an unimagined pace.  We see enormous opportunity and unprecedented volatility: it really is different this time.  We think we can help with charting a course for investors on that sea of change.

Feb. 1, 2014, we will launch the first rendition of our new website, and our institutional strategy service will follow apace. 

Some have asked why this is taking so long?

We appreciate the impatience—and we share it.

In part, this is because we consider our existing obligations to investors in the commodity equity portfolios we advise as being our first responsibility. Managing portfolios within a difficult market (for the asset class) requires constant attention and care.  So establishing our strategy service, website and new-everything, has come along more slowly than we would wish. 

Also, no sooner had we announced our launch for institutional investors, when we heard from individuals:  Don’t leave us behind! 

Well, we never intended to, but we also don’t claim to have all the answers.  So we’ll be replicating the formula that has brought us this far:  we will offer free monthly calls for individual investors for a few months while we listen, and define a service that best meets those needs.  In the end, it is all strategy—but it serves a different segment of our following with a different investment profile.

It can be said that a change is as good as a rest—and we are enthusiastic about the plans for our work and we hope that you will agree. 

Welcome to our journey!

        Angela Trudeau

         Research Director

         Coxe Advisors LLC.

Changes coming 
February 1, 2014